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Legacy Planning Attorney in Oro Valley, Arizona

There are few matters as important, personal, or enduring as your legacy. With the guidance of committed, friendly counsel, your personal life lessons, stories and experiences can be shared with your loved ones.

What is Legacy Planning?

Legacy planning is the process of sharing your passions, values, and experiences that define your life with those who you care about.

I was first exposed to legacy planning during law school when I met the parents of a young mom who was dying of cancer. She spent her final days writing letters and recording videos for her two young children so that she would be with them for their first day of high school, first prom, their weddings, their first homes and for her grandchildren. She made sure that that the nightly practice of her reading stories to her kids was passed on to her husband so that they wouldn't be as traumatized when she died. She even wrote a letter to her husband so that he would not feel guilty upon remarrying. She wanted him to be happy and loved. These were profound gifts that she left to her family.

Estate Planning to include Legacy Planning

Your personal legacy is often as important as your financial legacy. Especially to your family and close friends.

So take the time to include current and future messages to those you care most about. This is a profound part of your estate plan that allows you to live on in key and important ways. It even can make you a participant in a future event such as a grandchild's wedding in which you share your hopes and dreams for their marriage.

What Does Legacy Planning Entail?

Creating meaningful letters and videos that share your thoughts and life in special ways such as:

What do you want to share with your beneficiaries about how you earned your money?

What do you hope it does for them?

What are your values? And how has that defined your life?

What gives your life meaning and purpose? Family, work, volunteering?

Share what life has taught you - the failures and the victories.

Express your love and gratitude to those in your life.

What have you done in life that you hope they have the opportunity to do & why? Travel, sports, the arts, marriage, children, hobbies?

Striving to Preserve Your Legacy

I understand the gravity and impact of legacy planning, which is why the Melton Law Firm believes in and encourages its clients to be sure to document their lessons, values, wishes and love for those special people and charities in their lives.

I enjoy taking the time to understand the motivations, experiences, and principles that have shaped the lives of my clients and will mold their legacy. I also have the expertise to skillfully guide them in these personal messages that are so important to current and future generations.

No one can predict the future, but at least we can plan for it. You deserve counsel that is passionate, experienced, and committed to kind and skilled services. Contact The Melton Law Firm to create a strong foundation for your estate plan and legacy plan today.

I am honored to serve the communities and my neighbors in Oro Valley, Tucson, Casa Adobes, and Catalina, Arizona.

Legacy Planning Attorney in Oro Valley, Arizona

I love discussing with my clients the ways in which they can share their life experiences now and into the future for their loved ones or charities. These can be written or recorded. Contact me today to create these special messages for those you care most about.
Your personal legacy is the greatest gift!